The association International VAT Conference Club e.V. shall solely and directly pursue objectives of public benefit within the meaning of the Chapter "Tax-Exempt Objectives" of the Regulation of Taxation (AO). The purpose of the association is the promotion of further training of individuals active in the area of national and international VAT and customs law as well as the promotion of the pursuit of knowledge and research in the field of national and international VAT and customs law.

The purposes of the association will be met by regularly holding events featuring experts, establishing discussion forums, publishing appropriate publications and holding doctoral seminars. The association is a charitable organization; it does not primarily pursue its own financial purposes. The association’s funds may only be used for the purposes defined in the statutes. The members of the association shall not receive any financial allowances. No person may benefit from expenditures that are not related to the purpose of the association, or through inappropriately high allowances.